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Local Info

To see previously answered questions about the area or to post a new question, please refer to Dominical-Dave on Trip Advisor: http://www.tripadvisor.com/members-forums/Dominical-Dave .


For those that want to read the detailed itinerary, please contact Dave directly (see below).  Real estate aside, Dave is a great resource and a fountain of knowledge about the area and is always happy to share what he knows.


Many of our first time guests to this part of Costa Rica ask me if there is enough to keep them occupied should they decide to stay for a week or two in the same place.  I put together a plan for those that want to get out and discover this special place where a series of 1,500 to 3,000 foot jungle mountain ridges meet the ocean, one of the only places and the longest distance that this happens in Central America.  It is a section of about 12 miles with Dominical at the center of it all.  You will notice, as you go to our north or south, the mountains begin to retreat further inland.  The highest point of Costa Rica, Cerro Chirripo at 12,530 feet is directly inland only 35 miles as a toucan flies.  But it is the ocean and beaches that Dominical is most well-known for and also our central location to several close-by, well-known National Parks.

Most people are escaping schedules, so please be sure to take time and do nothing while you are here.  Bring some of those books you have not had a chance to read, turn off the phone, the television and computer — then turn on your sense of discovery for new places, people and activities.  We had a guest from Colombia that sat on our patio and read books for two weeks saying she could not imagine a setting more lovely to do nothing but catch up on the books that she had been intending to read for quite some time.  Bring your camera, binoculars, sun screen (yes even in the “so-called” rainy season) and be prepared to want to stay just a little longer when the time comes to move on or go back home.

For many years, Dominical and the Southern Zone was a real challenge to get to because the road between Manuel Antonio National Park (Quepos) was a bone-jarring , kidney-destroying drive, marked with terrifying bridges and water crossings that only the ultra-adventurous dared to set out on.   Die-hard surfers refused to let any barrier in their way to get to the dependable surfing beaches in our region, so they were some of the modern-pioneering foreigners that settled in the area.  That has all changed with the paving now completed between Dominical and Quepos, which is now an easy 30 minute drive away.  The person who designed our original website grew up in Quepos and his Dad has a newspaper clipping indicating that the pavement would be completed for sure in 1978, so you can only imagine how those that have lived here for many years cannot believe the transition that is taking place.  Many locals are apprehensive of the changes the new paved highway will bring; but we believe with what we have seen happen in other parts of Costa Rica, the country is going to ensure that the processes and attitude are in place to protect this special place, so it remains a quaint area to be enjoyed by those that discover us for many years to come.   Even with the road paved the entire way along the coastal route, Dominical takes a little longer to get to; but we are confident, if you are opposed to crowded and overbuilt places, five-star resorts that make it difficult to determine what country you really are in, then you will be thrilled you decided to make Dominical your home base for some, or all, of your visit to Costa Rica.

My wife, Deb and I have sampled most of the activities listed below or for the few we have not yet, we have received recommendations from friends and guests whose judgment we trust.


  • Beach for surfing, boogie boarding, strolling or just hanging out
  • Horseback rides to waterfalls or along the beach
  • Visiting Baru National Wildlife Refuge or Manual Antonio National Park
  • Great restaurants and bars to enjoy.
  • Boat trip from Ballena National Marine Park or Sierpe River tours
  • Deep sea fishing, in-shore fishing (about a mile out) and fishing from the shore
  • Live entertainment /dancing at many of the bars somewhere most nights
  • Many places to eat ranging from simply casual to exotically casual
  • White-water raft tours, paragliding tandems and ultra-light tours
  • River Canyoning Tours that repel down a series of eight waterfalls
  • Rentals for bicycles, kayaks, paddle boards, motor bikes and ATV’s
  • Texas Hold-em at Bar Jolly Roger or have some great wings / cold beer
  • Farmer’s Markets and other local attractions
  • Yoga, Pilates classes and massage appointments
  • Scuba Diving at Caño Island or snorkeling in several locations
  • Dental work at significantly reduced prices
  • Property tours for a place to retire, invest or vacation.
  • Whale watching tour boat
  • Visit an indigenous community
  • One of the best places in the world for bird watching
  • Driving around and discovering the area including nearby inland San Isidro
  • Playa Dominicalito 10K Race & 5K Fun Run/Walk February 16, 2014
  • Getting to know each other again
  • Doing absolutely nothing at all

We will be glad to provide detailed directions to our guests to all the places described above (and more) or if you find somewhere else to share in the area, please let us know.  Yes, we had a couple guests that did almost everything.

For reservations contact Dave at:


2787-0237 (Within Costa Rica)

1-877-787-4007 (Toll Free US and Canada)


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